Owner and head Photographer, Stylist, Artist, and Designer.

Award-Winning artist, from Houston, Texas, Emily Callens has brought her years of intense training in fine arts into not solely just images, but carefully crafted pieces of art. Emily has developed her own signature process of breaking down each component of her imagery in order to provide her clients with her best work; as Emily believes her clients deserve more than a cookie-cutter product and experience.


Having an incredibly talented artist for a Mother, Emily developed from a very early age her artistic eye. Starting her career young, Emily placed in her first school art competition before she was even 6 years old. Emily went on to win numerous fine art awards throughout her grade school years; topping off her high school career when she was named the 2017 3-D Grand Champion at the world's largest rodeo, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Emily is a graduate of an elite 3-year scholarship program from one of the U.S. biggest art museums, The Museum of Fine Art Houston, receiving training from some of the top artist across the city. She went on to graduate high school with over $130,000 raised for charity through the auctioning of her sculptures, but could have not have done it without the support of family, friends, teachers, and most notably the charitable acts of so many countless individuals of the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo. Following the completion of high school, Emily went on to attend Brigham Young University with two talent-based scholarship offers for Art and Photography; where she now currently resides as she completes her college education. Emily has utilized her years of experience, and intense training to inspire, teach, and mentor fellow young artist and creators. While encouraging them to be faithful, and honest in the process.


Turning her passions into a business, Emily has built a brand, CALLEN, based upon a foundation of honesty, faith, hard work, gratitude, and kindness. Emily hopes to expand her brand to reach countless individuals and to be able to inspire and uplift them through her work.  Providing clients with beautiful, professional, artistic imagery, is an essential part of the brand. However, Emily believes that beyond even the images themselves, it is the opportunity to allow individuals to see within how truly beautiful, talented, and unique they truly are to be of utmost importance- Emily strives to do that with everyone she meets, 

"This One's for You"

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

2017 Best of Show, 3-D Grand Champion

Image courtesy of the HLSR